About Test Strike UK Lightning Protection

Test Strike specialises in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of regulations compliant lightning protection and electrical earthing systems. We work on a wide range of projects including some of the country's best known buildings and multiple sites for blue chip enterprises, right down to single installations for small organisations.

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Lightning strike

Why install and test a lightning protection system?

Lightning strikes the ground in the UK over 300,000 times a year and poses a significant hazard to buildings and individuals, both from the initial strike and current surge as well as possible after effects such as fire and loss of power. Any structure over five metres tall should have a regulations compliant lightning conductor system installed to provide electrical earthing and to protect the building and its contents from potential damage.

To achieve this, a regulations compliant lightning protection system should be professionally installed and tested at least once every year. This is to ensure a building is capable of conducting lightning strikes to a safe earthing point.

We carry out work ranging from the design and installation of complete systems for large new buildings to the repair of single lightning conductors on small structures, all backed up with a full risk assessment.

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